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The company mission is design and implementation of innovative, highly efficient heat exchange solutions in every industrial field. We are a young innovative enterprise in the production of heat-transfer equipment. We offer heat exchange solutions for almost any industrial field and focus on developing customized designs for all kind of conditions, even extreme ones. Practicable technology allows us to produce equipment for energy and transport areas, oil & gas and chemical industries, shipbuilding, sugar factories, food and beverage industry and refrigeration supply systems, data processing centers, and for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. We offer: heat transfer apparatuses (radiators) with core made of replaceable finned copper or aluminum tubes operating under pressure up to 5 MPa, cooling blocks for diesel generator units and gas power plants, cooling systems for transformers and cooling towers. Our staff members’ experience and in-depth knowledge of heat exchange processes have made us real experts. We design our equipment with account taken of special factors relating to the installations or systems into which they are mounted. Intra-company fully integrated production allows us to control quality at every step and to guarantee our customers timely delivery. We also perform repair services for any heat exchangers (radiators): cleaning, flushing and revision, elimination of mechanical damage to collectors, replacement of radiator cores with the ones of proprietary technology; we provide services in radiator pressure verification up to 12 MPa. “Iceberg” heat exchangers are characterized by exceptional efficiency and reliability in any industrial process, providing our customers with competitive advantages in operation and reducing operating expenses on a long-term horizon. Being a reliable partner in the field of heat exchange technology, we understand that good quality and reliable service back-up is essential for long and mutually beneficial cooperation. We work closely with our customers, assisting at all times during the life cycle of our equipment, ensuring success in their business.
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